Original Air Date: July 7, 2015


Guest: Auriel Grace
Guest: Todd Bates
CEO/General Manager
WHVR Digital Broadcasting, Inc.
24.7 The Stream
Todd’s Contact Info:
Email: ToddBates@247TheStream.com
Website: www.247thestream.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/whvrdigital/
  • Auriel & Todd’s
    Floor Plan
  • Auriel & Todd's Floor Plan
  • Chi Window
  • Chi Window
  • Depth of field
    should have…
  • A picture with depth of field should have...
  • The Rice Cure
  • The Rice Cure
  • Empowering Your Cures
    with the Three
    Secrets Reinforcement
  • Empowering Your Cures with the Three Secrets Reinforcement


  • Chi-riffic says:

    LOVE YOUR SHOW!!! This is really great being able to see what you are talking about! Thanks Julie! Thanks Ariel and Todd for sharing your floor plan! Going to lunch now but finishing my listen when I get back. :)

    • Juliette Looye says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Chi-riffic! I’m glad you found the diagrams helpful. I’ll be adding the audio link and more information soon. If you have any questions about this show, feel free to write back. And please tune in next week to hear the end of Todd and Auriel’s consult!

  • Chi-riffic says:

    RATS!!! my bedroom comforter and accents are RED! kind of Marcella red :), and walls are white. It’s up stairs ABOVE my marriage gua does that count as part of the gua?. I figured red and white makes pink….Should I reconsider? I know Glenn will not want PINK,
    tonight I’ll take a picture and send it. What other color scheme can I use? Or >>>does it matter being above the gua? Should I just leave it alone? OH DEAR turmoil!! Love the show!! I’m smudging NAKED tonight:)
    missed naked day yesterday! Hee

    • Juliette Looye says:

      Hey, Chi-riffic!

      I’m glad you enjoyed our July 14 show!!! (It’s not up on this page yet, but folks can hear it on SoundCloud.) Well, considering the fact that tonight is a NEW MOON, smudging nude sounds rather apropos! Just a reminder: After you clear the air and release those unsupportive thoughts, energies, etc., be sure to set your new intentions and be specific about what you wish to attract into your life.

      Now in regard to having a marsala-colored comforter (the Pantone color for 2015) . . . yes, red and white DO make pink, and the energetic vibrations of all three of those colors support the Marriage gua beautifully. (And yes, your room is in Marriage upstairs.) So if you and Glenn aren’t having any trouble sleeping because the red is TOO stimulating, you’re good. However, if either of you finds that you can’t stay asleep or you’re restless all night, try removing your comforter and just using a soft, creamy-colored blanket made of natural fibers.

      Does that help?

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