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  The energy of white is peaceful • pure
cleansing • enlightening.

White is associated with the crown chakra.



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Putting White in its Best Light

How do you “see” the color white, and what do you think about it? People who think that white is not a color see it as the absence of color. But people who think of white in terms of light see it as a combination of colors. However you choose to look at it, white is important in our lives.

As you know, each gua in feng shui has a certain color or colors associated with it, and the energy of each color helps us achieve certain goals. The color white is associated with the Creativity & Children gua. This is the gua that you can balance or enhance when you want to “birth” new creations. Those creations can be new ideas, innovative projects, and effective solutions to problems. They also can be children or peaceful ways of getting along with them.

So how does white help you achieve your goals? First let’s look at white as the absence of color. In this context, white is pure, pristine, and fresh. It acts as a clean slate or a blank canvas, and it invites you to try out your most colorful ideas on it. As you prepare to create, the energy of white allows you the time and space to go inward, calm your mind, and be peaceful. It allows you to start fresh so that you can find new ways of looking at things. It also allows you to relax and be open to receiving and conceiving.

OK. Let’s say you’re all receptive and relaxed, and you’re ready to create your masterpiece. Where do you find all your colors? . . . You find them in white, of course! That's because in the context of light, white literally contains all the colors of the rainbow.

In answer to the question “What Is Color?” author Suzy Chiazzari states that “although white light appears colorless and intangible, it is made up of distinct color vibrations. . . . The radiant energy of pure white sunlight is a vital factor in nourishing our bodies, our minds, and our spirits, and each color vibration has its own healing qualities.” Since the goal of feng shui is to balance oneself and the energy of one’s environment, the concept of solar energy providing a balance of all the colors and their vibrations is quite fitting. And since the Creativity & Children gua is one of the three guas whose energy helps things develop and grow, it’s also fitting that white—which nourishes us with equal amounts of different-colored energy—encourages development and growth.

There’s one more thing that white does: It fosters peace. So the next time you feel yourself stressed by a conflict in your life—or in the world at large—light a white candle or put on something white. Then let the energy of white help calm your mind and cleanse your spirit as you reflect upon these words:

The absence of color equals the absence of conflict;
As all colors blend perfectly to create pure white,
all colors blend perfectly to create pure peace.

When worn on the body (as in the bracelets on this page), white can help you
feel more peaceful, calm, and centered
develop greater self-awareness and insight
create a more peaceful environment in which to work, relax, and play
think of new and effective ways to solve your problems and struggles
get along better with others by remembering that we’re all children of the Creator—no matter what color we are!

The Creativity & Children and PEACE bracelets featured on this page are just a few of the styles that I make. To order a bracelet to your specifications, please call me at (630) 512–0436 or e-mail me at
juliette.looye@sbcglobal.net. For a Creativity & Children crystal, please click on the link for Crystals.

A special note: I donate a portion of the profits from my jewelry and crystal sales to the Humanitarian Service Project, through which I sponsor a senior citizen to receive monthly grocery deliveries and a special Christmas delivery. If you would like to make a donation to the Senior Citizen Project, the Christmas Offering Project, or the Children's Birthday project, please e-mail them at hsp@humanitarianservice.org or visit their Web site at www.humanitarianservice.org.

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