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Glossary of Feng Shui Terms

bagua (baa’gwaa) map
An octagon-shaped diagram that is superimposed over a scale drawing of a home, a room, or a plot of land to find its nine guas, or life areas. Ba means “eight”; gua means “side.”

chi (chee)
The energy, or life force, that flows through every person, object, and space. Enhancing the flow of chi in a space can increase the happiness, health, and wealth of its occupants.

commanding position
The most auspicious (beneficial) placement of a bed, a desk, or a couch. Being in the commanding position puts you in charge of what happens in your home and your life.

feng shui (fung shway)
The ancient Chinese art of adjusting the energy of your surroundings to create a balanced and supportive environment.

guas (gwaaz)
The nine sections, or life areas, on the bagua map. All of the guas have their own colors, elements, and/or shapes. The nine guas are commonly referred to as Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Career & Life Path, Helpful People & Travel, Family & Ancestors, Health & All Areas, Creativity & Children, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, and Marriage & Relationships.

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