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After Juliette’s first class, it became very apparent that feng shui is far more than how to pick the right colors and shapes for any given space. It was about empowerment, intention, and assisting in the creation of harmony in your home and subsequently, in your life. . . . The most exciting part of the whole experience was when Juliette analyzed my home’s floor plan—her insights were invaluable, meaningful, and incredibly accurate. She not only helped to identify those areas in my home that needed to be addressed, but also gave some inexpensive options to cure the issues she identified. . . . Not less than 3 weeks after implementing the initial changes, I started to see major shifts in my home and in my life. My relationships improved, I found more helpful people crossing my path, and I received a promotion that I had been waiting on for nearly 6 months. The shifts that occurred were powerful and even better than I had hoped for.

Bourbonnaise, IL

I provide feng shui consultations for homes as well as businesses. The following describes a typical home consultation. Procedures may vary slightly for businesses and individual offices.

Before the Consultation
You submit the following:
a scale drawing of your home’s main floor
a list of your goals and intentions (what you would like to change or achieve with feng shui)
Then I do the following:
study your floor plan and goals
write up my observations, as well as my suggestions for how to adjust your home’s energy in order to achieve your goals

During the Consultation
The consultation will take place in your home. We’ll begin with a “guided tour” of your entire home. Next we’ll do an interview, during which I’ll ask you to share what you know about your home’s previous owners and why they moved. I’ll also ask how life has been since you moved into this home. After the interview, I’ll share my preliminary write-up and findings. Then I’ll answer any questions that you have at that time.

After the Consultation
I’ll be available to answer questions and conduct follow-up consultations according to your needs.

If you’re interested in a consultation for your home or business, please e-mail me at juliette.looye@sbcglobal.net or call (630) 512–0436.

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