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Upon beginning my class with Juliette, my life took an immediate jump start! She presented the concepts of feng shui in a simple, concise manner while still conveying the magnitude, depth, and power of it. The very first class brought about a mental/emotional shift inside of me. After my personal consult, I began putting cures in place. The very next day resulted in a dramatic event. From that day on, inexplicable developments continued—unusual events, new and helpful people coming into my life, changes in long-term —habits—thanks to Juliette’s magnificent understanding of feng shui, her amazing insights that hit the mark dead-on every time, and her gentle, unassuming nature. With the power of feng shui, I have begun to rush headlong down the joyful path that I’ve always dreamed of, but always doubted was meant for me. Feng shui, as shared by Juliette, has put the forward motion of my life into high gear!

Elwood, IL


FENG SHUII offer a variety of feng shui classes and lectures throughout the Chicago area. Lecture topics vary and are tailored to fit your needs. To schedule a class or an event for yourself or your group, please call (630) 512–0436 or e-mail juliette.looye@sbcglobal.net.

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AKASHIC RECORDSAs I prepare my feng shui write-ups, I work in my Akashic Records to get an in-depth “read” on the energy of a space. I also teach Akashic Records classes. Please see below for descriptions of my upcoming Akashic Records classes, teleconference classes, independent studies, and mentorship sessions.

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