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Holiday Feng Shui: Stacking the Deck While You Deck the Halls
What’s the first thing that most children do when they know that Christmas is coming? They write their wish lists to Santa! They don’t care how they’re going to get what’s on their lists. They just write ’em, sign ’em, seal ’em, and mail ’em. Then they eagerly wait to receive, trusting that what they’ve asked for will magically arrive.
The things on children’s wish lists vary widely. Yet, no matter what they desire, their intention is always the same: to feel happy and fulfilled. Well, it’s time that we adults take a lesson from the kids! Let’s make up our own wish lists. And then when we deck the halls this year, we can stack the deck in our favor by decorating with intention.
So get a pencil and some paper, and . . . ready, set, write!
Make Your List and Check it . . . Against the Bagua Map
Once you’ve made your wish list, check it against the bagua map to see which life-area each wish corresponds to. Then locate those areas in your home, and place your decorations there.
Romance Wreath
Here’s an example: Let’s say that a fulfilling relationship is at the top of your list. First locate the Marriage & Relationships area of your main floor or your bedroom. Then decorate it with a Romance Wreath like the one shown here.
Romance Wreath
You also can hang this wreath on your front door (“mouth of chi”) so you can speak your intention to the world. Here’s how the Romance Wreath shown can help you set your relationship intentions:
bagua Its shape is the same as a wedding ring, which symbolizes everlasting love.
bagua Pink is the feng shui color for Marriage & Relationships. Its energy promotes kindness, closeness, and a giving heart.
bagua The two birds and the pair of hearts symbolize lovebirds, harmoniously united.
bagua The sparkly objects will remind you to keep the spark alive so you stay the apple of each other’s eye.
All My Gifts Wreath
If your relationship is solid, but you’d like a new job—or perhaps a promotion or a raise—you can hang a wreath like this next one on your front door, or in the Career area of your home or home-office. Or, depending on your goal, you also can hang this type of wreath in Fame, Creativity, Wealth, or Relationships.
All My Gifts Wreath
Here’s how the All My Gifts Wreath shown can help you set your intentions for a career-related goal:
bagua Its shape represents a mouth that sings your praises to the world.
bagua The gift boxes represent your many gifts and talents. So as you fasten each gift to the wreath, state one of your gifts out loud. (Examples: I have a gift for putting people at ease. I have excellent organizational skills. I run very effective meetings. I am the top salesperson in my district. I have 12 years of experience in this industry. I am working on my Master’s degree.) No gift is too small! Include them all! By the time you’re finished, you should be feeling great about yourself. And the added benefit: You’ve just done a rough draft of your résumé or the memo that you’re going to write when you ask for that raise or promotion!
bagua The bow will remind you that your goal is all wrapped up because your red-hot gifts put you in demand—so who could resist your request?!
Please Note: The two wreaths featured on today’s segment are for sale. (Please contact me at juliette.looye@sbcglobal.net.) The cost of each wreath is $60, which I will donate to the Humanitarian Service Project for their special Christmas offering. Each $60 donation will cover the cost of the following for a family of 5:
bagua 3–4 weeks of food, including fresh produce and frozen meat
bagua at least 3 new toys or gifts for each child in the family.
<Special-Wish Board
Which item on your wish list is the one that’s dearest to your heart—the one that you can picture so vividly when you close your eyes that you actually start to feel it? Well, that’s the wish that deserves its own special masterpiece.
Special-Wish Board
Some people call this a Treasure Map. Others call it a Vision Board. In keeping with the holiday theme, I like to call it a Special-Wish Board. Here’s how the example shown was created:
When I learned that I’d be doing this TV segment, I asked my husband to sit down with me and brainstorm a list of his wishes and goals. When he finished his list, I asked him to choose the one wish or goal that he’d most like to achieve in the coming year. Then I asked him to state it in present tense, as if it has already happened. This is what he came up with:
I have commissioned at least one wind turbine by December 2007.
And then he wrote his intention: to be socially responsible.
You know what this goal is all about, right? . . . No, you don’t? . . . Well, frankly, neither did I. But that really wasn’t important because it’s Adrian’s special wish and his heartfelt intention. . . . My husband wants to be a wind farmer. Who knew? I sure didn’t until we sat down to brainstorm his wish list. . . . But afterwards, not only did I know about his goal, I got behind him and supported it. In no time, we were looking through magazines and brochures and cutting out pictures that would convey my husband’s wind-farming goal. We also cut out words and pictures that would convey his feelings once he achieved his goal. (He chose excited, optimistic, and thrilled.)
To my surprise, this activity—which might have seemed like a silly waste of time to our self-conscious and logical adult minds—became a joyful and energetic undertaking. The more Adrian explained his vision as we cut and pasted, the more his Special-Wish Board came together . . . and the more his Special-Wish Board came together, the more real his goal became.
When we finished Adrian’s masterpiece, I put it on a table in my office so I could see it while I wrote this text. Since that time, Adrian has come into my office many times. He sits and studies his Special-Wish Board, and he plans how to make it come true. After today, he’ll take it from my office and put it in a special place where he can see it every day.
Money Pot
A Money Pot is a wonderful tradition to start during the Winter Solstice. A Money Pot is meant to be used all year, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s not a piggy bank or a coin jar. Rather, it’s a way to remind yourself that the energy of wealth and abundance requires a constant “cash flow.” In other words: In order to receive wealth and abundance, you must also give it away.
Money Pot
Here are some suggestions for creating your own Money Pot, which you can place in the Wealth area of your home.
1. First, find a container whose opening is narrower than its base. It can be made of any material you like, as long as the pot is attractive and raises your spirits when you see it. The shape of the container is meant to convey the idea that as you put your money into the pot, it sits in a sort of reservoir that keeps it growing and expanding.
2. Put nine bills of the same denomination into the pot. You can use all singles, for example. As you put each bill into the pot, visualize your money beginning to grow so you can easily meet your financial goals.
  Note: Before I put my nine bills into the pot, I covered the bottom with clear marbles to represent water and cash flow. Since purple is the feng shui color for Prosperity, I also added round purple sequins. Together with the snowflakes I added, the sequins symbolize the notion that every time it rains—or snows—I receive more pennies from heaven.
3. On the vernal equinox, which falls on or around March 21 each year, remove the bills from your Money Pot and give them away to the person or cause of your choice. Then put nine new bills into the pot.
4. Follow this process four times a year on each solstice and equinox—and remind yourself every time that you are so wealthy, you can afford to be generous.
A Recipe for Holiday Chi—and Cheer!
After you’ve decked the halls and stacked them in your favor, here’s a final idea. Good chi is also achieved through pleasant scents and sounds. Those sounds include music and laughter and the conversation of friends. So don your favorite holiday apparel and your favorite feng shui jewelry. Then put some mulled wine or cider on the stove, and switch on some holiday CDs. Last, gather your favorite people together and celebrate your friendship. With all the good chi that you will create, this could be your most magical season yet . . . and a great way to prepare for the new year!
My best wishes to you this holiday season . . . and may all your wishes come true!
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