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On January 7, 2005, I started my new year with a bang—and a clap and a ring and a singing bowl—as I spoke on the ABC7 News. Here's an outline of what I discussed.

Using Feng Shui to Start the Year Right
The principles of feng shui are based on the energy of nature and its ever-changing seasons. So in the long, cold winter season, it’s very fitting for us to imitate nature and do what most animals do—slow down, retreat to our lairs, and let our surroundings support and nurture us as we prepare for a fresh start in the spring. With this idea in mind, I outlined three basic steps for preparing your home this winter. In keeping with a phrase that we hear every new year, these steps will help you “ring out the old and ring in the new.” By making your “lair” a clean, blank slate this winter, you’ll be preparing it—and yourself—for all kinds of good things to come. As you let go of what no longer supports you, you’ll gain a fresh, clear outlook on the future. And you’ll create the space that you need in order to welcome new things, people, ideas, and opportunities into your life in the months ahead.

Ring Out (and Wring Out) the Old: Clear Your Clutter and Clean Your Home
You can begin this step by going on a “house walk” to clear your clutter. Choose a particular room to start in, and give it a real going-over. Sort through your things and decide what supports you. If you can't use it, wear it, or eat it, you're better off getting rid of it. You can sell it, trade it, donate it, or toss it. But whatever you do, discard anything that stands in the way of your ability to move forward in life—either literally or figuratively! If you’d like, you can create a chart like the one below and use it to perform your house walk.
As you walk around your home, spend time in each room. Look all around, and observe everything as if you were seeing it for the very first time. Then fill in your chart.
On the left-hand side of the chart, list the following:
things that you use often
things that lift your spirits
things that make you feel “at home”
things that have special significance to you and/or your family
On the right side of the chart, list the following:
things that you seldom or never use
things that bring you down and make you sad
things that are broken, ill-fitting, or outdated
things that no longer reflect who you are or where you are in life
  Things That
Support Me
Things That No
Longer Serve Me
Living Room    
Dining Room    
Master Bedroom    
If the job of clearing your clutter is too daunting to tackle alone, enlist the help of a friend or a family member. Or pay someone to help you, such as a neighborhood teen, a cleaning service, or a professional organizer. Once your clutter is removed—but before all your rooms are put back together and organized—go back and do some deep-down cleaning. Dust the furniture, the woodwork, and the blinds; mop or vacuum the floors; clear the cobwebs from the corners and the ceilings. Again, if necessary, enlist the help of others. The main thing is to do it, because changing the energy of your home in these ways is what gives you the energy to bring on the changes in your life.

Ring Out the Old: Clear and Cleanse the Energy of Your Home
Once your home is clean and clear, it’s time to clean and clear its energy. There are all kinds of ways to do this, from the very simple to the very involved. The method that you choose is up to you. There’s no wrong way to do it if your intentions are strong and sincere. Here are some of the ways that you can clear the energy of your home.
Burn any of the following objects as you walk through your home:
a white, unscented candle
incense sticks or ingots
a sage bundle or some loose sage
The idea behind all of these methods is that fire “burns off” energy that’s stale and negative and replaces it with energy that’s clear and positive. As the smoke from the burning object rises and dissipates, it takes the unwanted energy with it. So as you walk through each room in your home, you’ll be sending the old energy on its way and replacing it with new energy and intentions.
Note: If it’s the energy of a particular person that you’re sending on its way—a former resident, a former partner, or someone who’s been ill or has died—bless that person, wish him well, and literally and figuratively clear the air by releasing his energy back to him and sending him healing, love, and peace.
Use sounds to disperse and clear the energy.
As you walk through each room, do one or more of the following:
clap your hands (especially in the corners)
ring bells, finger symbols, and/or harmony balls
use a singing bowl
recite a favorite mantra, prayer, affirmation, word, or intention
play some music or sing a song
You also can use any of the following:
fresh air—Open a few windows and doors and let in some fresh, brisk air. This will replace the old, stale air and will really reinvigorate things.
sunlight—Throw open your curtains and drapes, or raise your blinds. Let in the sunlight and let it wash through your home. Especially during the short winter days, letting in as much sunlight as possible will lift not only the energy of your home but your sagging spirits as well.
a faceted crystal sphere—To attract the balancing, healing energy of the sun and scatter it around a room, hang a faceted crystal sphere in front of a window or a sliding door. (For information on my handmade beaded crystals, please click on the Crystals link, or call me at (630) 512–0436 or e-mail me at juliette.looye@sbcglobal.net.
scents—Use ones that promote the new energy and mood that you wish to create in your home. Scents can be dispersed in the form of candles, incense, or even plug-ins. Or they can be essential oils that are warmed on the stove, in diffusers, or in light-bulb rings.
  Invigorating scents: jasmine, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, ginger
  Calming and balancing scents: lavender, sandalwood, rose, geranium, cedar, chamomile
  Scents for mental clarity, focus, and memory enhancement: rosemary, ginger, peppermint, clove bud
Note: You also can use certain scents to balance your body. For example: chamomile, sage, orange, peppermint, and rose hips all come in the form of herbs that can be made into teas.

Ring in the New: Set Your Goals and Intentions for the New Year . . . and Beyond!
Once you’ve cleaned and cleared your home and made room for new things to come, be sure to set some goals and intentions for what you would like to attract. Otherwise, if you don’t fill your home with “the new,” you’ll just fill it with “more of the same-old same-old.” And you could get stuck in a rut all over again! Here are a few ideas for setting your intentions:
Spend time in each gua (life area) or each room of your home and decide how you’d like it to support you. Set specific intentions for that gua or room, and write them down or say them out loud. (Note: Setting a different intention for each gua ensures attention to all areas of your life—which promotes a more balanced life! To locate the different guas in your home, click on Bagua Map.)
Place a feng shui adjustment or enhancement in each gua to remind you of your intentions all year. You can use candles, crystals, photos, artwork, wind chimes, treasure maps, fountains, plants, or any other objects that are special to you and that support you in achieving your goals. Seeing these objects on a daily basis will remind you to use the energy of both your thoughts and your surroundings to help you create your new life.
Empower your objects with the energy of your intentions by using the Three Secrets Reinforcement, by writing and/or speaking some affirmations, or with another empowerment of your choosing. Again, as with the space-clearing process, there’s really no wrong way to empower things if your intentions are strong and sincere.

The Three Secrets Reinforcement
As you install your cures and enhancements, it’s important to empower them. One empowerment that you can use is the Three Secrets Reinforcement. This procedure works by infusing a cure or enhancement with the energy of your own actions, words, and intentions. Performing the Three Secrets on all of your adjustments will boost their power significantly!
The Body Secret is a hand gesture (mudra) that is used to expel negative or blocked energy from an area. It also helps align your body’s energy as you perform this first secret. The gesture that’s used most often is the flicking, or expelling, mudra. Women should use their right hand, and men should use their left as they flick their two middle fingers away from their thumb, palms down, nine times.
Variations: After flicking nine times, some people turn their hand palm-up to form a “chi basket.” As you turn your hand over, keep your thumb and two middle fingers together, then curl your index and baby fingers toward your thumb. This chi basket gives you a symbolic space to hold new, positive energy that creates new, positive situations. (This new energy is so strong sometimes that when some people form their chi basket, they feel a tingling in their hand!)
If you are uncomfortable using any of these hand gestures, feel free to use something else. For example, putting your hands together in a prayer position or holding them in another position is also perfectly appropriate.
The Speech Secret is a word, prayer, or mantra that empowers your cure or enhancement with the energy of sound. The mantra that is most often used for this secret is the Mantra of Compassion: om mani padme hum (“ohm maa-nee pahd-may hum”). This mantra is believed to increase spiritual power and create harmony, balance, and compassion. It also is believed to call in a Divine presence, which will help you create your desired situation. Aloud or to yourself, say this mantra nine times.
Variations: If you are uncomfortable saying the Mantra of Compassion, feel free to say something else. For example, you can repeat a word, such as amen, peace, or love. Or you can say The Lord’s Prayer. You also can use an affirmation. Just remember that the words’ effect on your energy is more important than the words themselves. This is because the vibrations of words and sounds create different feelings and events. (As it says in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word.” And believers know how powerful that Word was!)
The Mind Secret is visualizing—arguably the most effective method for manifesting changes in your life. In as much detail as possible, visualize the situation that you wish to create. Really use your imagination, and visualize with all of your senses. Make the scene so realistic that you begin in that very moment to turn your intentions into reality.
When you have finished your visualization, be sure to end your empowerment with these words: “May this or something better now manifest for the highest good of all concerned.” You never know what the Universe has in store, so why limit your possibilities!

My best wishes to you in the coming year. May this be the start of your best year yet. If you need some help as you work on your home, just send me an e-mail . . . or give me a “ring”!



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