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Consider your life at this moment.
How’s it going?
Is there anything about it that you
Want to change?
Would you like a better job?
more money?
a better love life? If so . . .
Consider feng shui!  

The Chinese art of feng shui (fung shway) has been practiced for centuries. It involves adjusting the energy of your surroundings in order to create a balanced and supportive environment.

Translated literally, feng means “wind” and shui means “water.” Together, the two words suggest gentle winds blowing over smoothly flowing water. They suggest balance, peace, and harmony—all the things you’d feel if you awoke on a beautiful day and everything was right with the world. That’s what feng shui is, and that’s what it does—it makes things right in your world.

A primary tool used in feng shui is a bagua (baa’gwaa) map. A bagua map is an eight-sided diagram that is superimposed over the scale drawing of a home, a room, or a plot of land to find its life areas, or guas (gwaaz). The nine guas are commonly referred to as Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Career & Life Path, Helpful People & Travel, Family & Ancestors, Health & All Areas, Creativity & Children, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, and Marriage & Relationships.

Each gua has its own color or colors. Some guas also have their own element and shapes. For example, the color associated with the Fame & Reputation gua is red; the element is fire; and the shapes are the triangle, pyramid, and cone.

After I draw the bagua map over a scale drawing of your home’s main floor, I will determine how to balance the energy of your home by using these colors, shapes, and elements, as well as other enhancements and/or “cures.” Once you install the necessary items and empower them with your intentions, you can expect things to change in your life. Some changes will occur rather quickly; others will unfold over time. Either way, they will ultimately bring positive circumstances that help you achieve your goals.

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