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Juliette Looye - The Akashic Records: A Powerful Tool for Expanding Awareness


Julie is an amazing practitioner! Her calm strength and loving guidance have assisted me in deepening my connection with the Akashic Records. Her ability to help me get to the core of an issue is truly amazing. I am always able to see so much more information about why things are they way they are and release my attachments to them. I've made great strides in clearing very deep issues with Julie’s support.

—Kim Clancy
Park Ridge, Illinois

Julie, you’ve taught me how to blend the ethereal with the practical in a way that’s allowed me to see my life in a new light, and this new perspective has shown me that there is no separation between the two. Thank you!

—Andy M.
Chicago, Illinois

Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of knowing Juliette Looye and working closely with her in the Akashic Records. Her readings have always brought great insight and clarity to so many issues in my life and continue to support me through times of transition. In addition to the readings, I have taken several classes developed by Julie in the Records. These have enabled me to connect with my soul on a very deep level and to learn to recognize and trust its guidance. Overall, my experience with Juliette and working with the Records has been very empowering and has allowed me to move through some difficult times in my life.


I have experienced Juliette’s reading of the Akashic Records and found it to be vibrant and rich. On a more specific note, I have been struck by her ability to convey very interesting perspectives on karmic connections between people, described through vivid images of past-life situations that felt right. What is shared as a result of her unique gifts, added to the wonderful experience of being “seen” by the Akashic Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, makes a reading with her very helpful, enjoyable and uplifting.

—Ruth Toledo Altschuler
Flower Essence Practitioner & Educator
Santa Rosa, CA/São Paulo, Brazil

When Juliette had her first Akashic Record reading in 1999, she cried tears of joy and relief. For the first time ever, she felt completely understood. Her Akashic Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones knew her—they got her—and best of all, they were always with her. She would never feel alone again. After that extraordinary experience, Juliette learned to read the Records herself and began a lifelong relationship with her Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones that grows stronger every day.
The Akashic Records have enriched Juliette’s life in myriad ways. She has worked in the Records to do readings for herself and others, to analyze the feng shui energy of hundreds of homes and businesses, to write a feng shui book and more than 60 children’s books (including the spiritual parable Evie’s Adventure), and to co-write a book on the Akashic Records with her former teacher, Linda Howe. Juliette also teaches others to read the Akashic Records as a way to evolve their spiritual awareness.
What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are a vibrational field of consciousness that contains a record of every thought, word, and action that your soul has ever experienced. As such, the Records can help you obtain a much deeper understanding of your life.
What happens during an Akashic Record reading?
When I open your Akashic Records by way of a special Invocation, your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones are there—ready to answer your questions and send you loving, healing insights that enable you to move forward in your life with newfound clarity and grace. At the end of the reading, I close your Akashic Records.
How can you prepare for a reading?
Before your reading, I’ll ask you to write down the questions that you would like to ask your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. When you take the time to prepare your questions beforehand, your reading will be more effective.
Time as we know it does not matter in the Records. So rather than asking time-sensitive and/or predictive questions during a reading (Will I _________, and when will it happen?), it is best to ask what, why, and how questions. The answers to such questions will give you the broadest possible understanding of why certain things are happening in your life, as well as how you might change them and/or view them differently.
Availability for readings
I am available for phone and Skype readings during the days and times below. To schedule a reading, please call (630) 512–0436 or e-mail juliette.looye@sbcglobal.net
Mondays: noon-8:00 p.m. Central (ending at 8:00)
Wednesdays: 3:00-9:00 p.m. Central (ending at 9:00)
Fridays: noon-5:00 p.m. Central (ending at 5:00)
30 minutes: $60
45 minutes: $75
60 minutes: $100
Package Fees
(Pay for 3 sessions at the same time and save 20%.)
Three 30-minute sessions: $144
Three 45-minute sessions: $180
Three 60-minute sessions: $240
Payment methods
All payments must be received in advance of the reading.
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  • To pay by personal check or money order (payable to Juliette Looye), send your payment to 1509 Gilbert Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515.


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